Congratulations to our 2019 DH Undergraduate Certificate Recipients

Maggie Dryden and Ragan Foley successfully completed work in the Digital Humanities Undergraduate Certificate. Both were inspired by their work in DH classes and completed their certificates with their capstone as a CURO project as well.

Dryden was a member of the inaugural DH Summer Scholars Program. Inspired by her work with Professor Susan Rosenbaum on the Mina Loy project, Dryden worked on finding patterns in Modernist poetry using text analysis in the summer program. This semester,  she took the methods she applied to her summer program and has worked with DH Coordinator to examine poetry and editorial discretion through text analysis in her presentation “Poetics from a Distance in Modernist Magazines” Next year she will begin the MA program in English at UGA.

Ragan Foley started  her work in Dr. Elizabeth Davis’ Writing for the Web class and has furthered this work alongside of Professor Davis to examine Privacy Policies from some of the most common sites and apps on the internet using text analysis in her presentation “The Rhetoric of Privacy.” This project chooses 30 companies, including Instagram, 23 and me, and Venmo then divides these groups into three categories, social, biometric, and financial. Like Dryden, Foley uses Voyant Tools and text analysis in order to investigate how these companies define third party usage, data, and how they utilize user contributed information. She will graduate this semester with a BA in English and a minor in Spanish.

Congratulations to Maggie and Ragan!

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