Be a Data Magician – An Excel Workshop for Humanists

A full house at the DigiLab’s Excel workshop

In our series of data tutorials, Joey Stanley, Linguistics Ph.D student, has put together a comprehensive Excel workshop for humanists. This workshop was well attended by a diverse cross-section of the campus community including students, faculty, staff and librarians. Joey provided a broad overview of the basics of Excel and moved into more specific, complex tasks suited for the kinds of work we do in the humanities.

Joey has compiled a user-friendly guide book that covers: (1) different versions of Excel; (2) the absolute basics; (3) useful stuff like search & replace and sorting & filtering; (4) the awesome power of pivot tables; (5) getting started with functions; (6) lookup tables (7) visualizations and how to make some simple graphs and charts; and (8) some miscellaneous little tips and tricks.

Download the guide book and sample datasets below.

Excel Guide Book






If you would like the DigiLab to host a workshop for your class or department please email for more information.