C-Span films American history classes in DigiLab

The DigiLab hosted a film crew from C-Span here to capture lectures from Professors Stephen Berry and Scott Nesbit for their Lectures in History series. Berry and Nesbit are the first UGA Professors to be included in the series which features lectures on American History from academics across the country.

CSpan films Professor Nesbit’s class

Professor Nesbit, Assistant Professor in Environment & Design and History, brought his Introduction to Historic Preservation class (HIPR 4000) to the lab for a discussion on the politics of monuments including those in and around Athens.

Professor Berry of the History department, presented a lecture for his HIST 4090: Death and Dying in American History class. This class operates alongside of Berry’s latest digital humanities project CSI:Dixie that examines over 1500 coroner’s reports from South Carolina spanning from 1800-1900.

“Lectures in History” airs at 8pm and midnight ET each Saturday night. After a program airs, it is also available online. These lectures are expected to be available for viewing in May.


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