DH Workshop

  • DH Frequently Asked Questions


    Overview of major DH Methods and Tools includes many of the projects mentioned in the slides

  • DH Toychest

    DH Toychest

    Curated by Alan Liu the DH Toychest offers a list of DH tools, sample datasets for practice, tutorials, and a wealth of other information and resources.

  • DH In the classroom

    Using Digital Humanities in the Classroom

    Incredibly useful book about scaling DH down into course specific pieces by Claire Battershill and Shawna Ross

    UCLA’s DH 101

    Concepts, Methods, and Tutorials for Students and Instructors

    Pedagogical Anthology

    Example assignments implemented by the partcipants in the NEH Advanced Topics in DH Workshop: Textual Data and Digital Texts in the Undergraduate Classroom

  • Data Visualization

    Excel tutorials

    Video tutorials by the DigiLab from basic to advanced Excel skills.


    Browser-based free platform to make interactive graphs, charts, and maps.

  • Network Analysis

    Overview of creating Network Graphs


    Browser-based platform to create a basic network graph, a point to point map, and an image gallery.


    Free and open source software for creating network graphs. Requires specific data and steep learning curve. Industry standard for network analysis.


    Free and open source software for creating network graphs similar to Gephi.

  • Digital Exhibits

    Overview of Digital Exhibits on Omeka

    Death and Human History in Athens

    Work of four classes across three disciplines working on cemeteries in Athens, Georgia.

    UGA Special Collections Library Online Exhibits

    Digital exhibits curated by UGA’s Special Collections Libraries.