Upcoming Events

We have a variety of workshops to offer this semester:

  • Data visualization in R
    •  joeystanley.com/setup to for instructions on how to install the required software before the workshop
  • Data Visualization
  • Using Praat acoustic software (most applicable to Lingustics students)
  • Graduate Research Series hosted by the Libraries
    • See our full listing of Graduate Reasearch workshops in this series and register for the sessions you’d like to attend

We will also be holding our monthly Colloquium series that features DH projects and talks by faculty and students


August 21| 3:35- 4:25—An intro to data visualization in R using ggplot2

August 23| 4:00- 5:00—Asking New Questions: DH Summer Scholars

August 28| 3:35- 4:25—Customizing your plots to make that perfect visual


September 4| 3:35-4:25 —Generalize your aesthetics using custom themes in ggplot2

September 11| 3:35-4:25 —Praat Basics: Introduction to the software

September 18| 3:35-4:25 —Praat Scripting Basics: Loops, I/O, and TextGrids

September 19| 4:00-5:00 Focus on “Henry V:” A collaborative OER Presented By: Professor Sujata Iyengar, English UGA

September 25| 4:00-5:00  QGIS Workshop 1: Point Data

September 26 | 4:00-5:00 Brand Yourself: Creating a Professional Digital Presence


October 2| 3:35-4:25 —Automatic Formant Extraction (and other acoustic measures) in Praat

October 7| 4:00-5:00 — QGIS Workshop 2: Polygon Data

October 9| 4:00-5:00 — Teaching Public Humanities, Presented By: Jim McGrath, Public Humanities Brown University

October 16 | 3:35-4:25 —Fidelity, integrity, and sophistication: Tufte’s principles of data visualization

October 21| 12:00-1:00 – HathiTrust and Free Digital Archives

October 23 | 3:35-4:25 —Send the right message: The dos and don’ts of color in data visualization

October 30 | 3:35-4:25 —Don’t like coding? Try these online visualization tools!


November 5 | 10:00-11:00 — Chronicling America Presented By: Deb Thomas, the Library of Congress and Sheila McAlister, Digital Library of Georgia

November 6| 3:35-4:25 —Automatic Measurement of VOT in Praat