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Digital Humanities is a method for asking new kinds of research questions from Humanities objects of study. For many researchers, especially those who are students, contingent labor, or pre-tenure, taking on a new and oftentimes long-term project is out of reach. The classroom can be a space to engage with materials in a new way, experiment with a new method in a small and targeted way, and broaden a student’s approach to the Humanities.

Scoping a new class project can be overwhelming especially when the tools and the methods are new. We’re here to help.

  • ¬†Project scoping
    • We have designed projects for a multitude of classes across 7 disciplines so far
    • Sample assignments
  • Design syllabi
    • Design a small-scale project to align with your learning objectives for your specific course
    • Define time commitment
    • Identify tools and methods for your project




Textual Data and Digital Texts in the Undergraduate Classroom

NEH Institute for Advanced Topics in Digital Humanities | 2018-2019


Hosted by UGA, LSU, and Mississippi State this year-long institute focused on bring DH methods into the classroom. We held a week-long institute at MSU in July 2018 with tutorials on methods and discussions of how to incorporate these methods into a specific class. Our 24 participants are now engaged in virtual sessions with experts on teaching DH through the 18-19 academic year.

Textual Data and Digital Texts in the Undergraduate Classroom has our syllabus as well as the types of projects our participants are envisioning.



DH Pedagogy Workshop

Miami University, September 26-27 2019

Workshop for the Digital Scholarship Faculty Learning Community at Miami University in Ohio

DH Pedagogy Workshop

 Introduction to DH Workshop

Tuskegee University, June 26, 2020

Virtual workshop for faculty group at Tuskegee University


DH Workshop


Every class, every instructor is different, therefore all classroom projects are different.

Let us know how we can help.

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