DH Pedagogy

Digital Humanities is a method for asking new kinds of research questions from Humanities objects of study. For many researchers, especially those who are students, contingent labor, or pre-tenure, taking on a new and oftentimes long-term project is out of reach. The classroom can be a space to engage with materials in a new way, experiment with a new method in a small and targeted way, and broaden a student’s approach to the Humanities.

Scoping a new class project can be overwhelming especially when the tools and the methods are new. We’re here to help.

  •  Project scoping
    • We have designed projects for a multitude of classes across 7 disciplines so far
    • Sample assignments
  • Design syllabi
    • Design a small-scale project to align with your learning objectives for your specific course
    • Define time commitment
    • Identify tools and methods for your project




Textual Data and Digital Texts in the Undergraduate Classroom

NEH Institute for Advanced Topics in Digital Humanities | 2018-2019


Hosted by UGA, LSU, and Mississippi State this year-long institute focused on bring DH methods into the classroom. We held a week-long institute at MSU in July 2018 with tutorials on methods and discussions of how to incorporate these methods into a specific class. Our 24 participants are now engaged in virtual sessions with experts on teaching DH through the 18-19 academic year.

Textual Data and Digital Texts in the Undergraduate Classroom has our syllabus as well as the types of projects our participants are envisioning.



DH Pedagogy Workshop

Miami University | September 26-27 2019

Workshop for the Digital Scholarship Faculty Learning Community at Miami University in Ohio

DH Pedagogy Workshop

 Introduction to DH Workshop

Tuskegee University | June 26, 2020

Virtual workshop for faculty group at Tuskegee University


DH Workshop

Introduction to DH and Text Analysis

Birmingham City University | May 12, 2021

This virtual workshop focuses on text analysis with a general overview of DH.


Every class, every instructor is different, therefore all classroom projects are different.

Let us know how we can help.

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