DIGI Workshops: Using and manipulating data in R Studio

Joey Stanley leading a lecture
Joey Stanley leading an Intro to R workshop

Linguistics PhD Candidate, Joey Stanley, is offering a series of workshops on the programming language R this semester. The workshop series will offer tutorials on R Studio, the open source software for use with R, as well as several packages used to perform specific tasks. A working knowledge of R and its components can make handling and analyzing data more accessible. R Studio and its packages can also create data visualizations on the fly and perform complex statistical analysis. These sessions are open to all and are intended for beginners. No experience necessary. Each session will include a different topic. Attend an intro session then choose the others that best fit your research agenda. All workshops are held in the Willson Center Digital Humanities Lab (300 Main Library). Additional dates for Spring will include a repeat of the Intro class as well as additional packages including R’s Shiny App.


ggplot2 – Make compelling visualizations                                   October 12                2-3:00

Tidyverse – Clean and organize your data                                 November 10            3-4:00


For those who may have missed our first introduction session here is Joey’s detailed guidebook: 170912-intro-to-r-handout.