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Build a Better Project: Digi Colloquium Review

-- Joey Stanley, PhD student in Linguistics and DH Grad Assistant I recently presented on how to build a digital humanities project from scratch, going from primary sources to visualizations of data. I also showcased a piece of software called JMP (“jump”) that I like to use...

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Hearing Hot Corner: The DigiLab Audio Field Kit

Part 2 of “The Hot Corner Project” A project of Alexander M. Stephens (M.A. ’16) In addition to the three oral histories about Hot Corner in the Russell Library Athens Oral History Project, Broderick Flanigan and I have conducted additional interviews specifically for the Hot Corner documentary...

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New Series! DIGI grad student explores Athens’ Hot Corner

Part 1 of "The Hot Corner Project" A project of Alexander M. Stephens (M.A. '16) [caption id="attachment_6443" align="alignnone" width="768"] Aleck Stephens (M.A. History '16), and Homer Wilson, Hot Corner business owner, at 2015 Hot Corner Festival[/caption]   If you’ve lived in Athens for any length of time, there is...

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