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DIGI Office Hours: Ask all the questions!

Linguistics PhD candidate Joey Stanley, will hold weekly office hours in support of the following

Every Wednesday     11:30 – 1:15

  • R scripting/coding
  • Statistical analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Data clean-up
  • Excel
  • Perl
  • JMP
  • text mining and corpus analysis
  • Praat scripting

DIGI Colloquium:

Digital Workflow, Machine Learning, and Getting to Publication

Scott Reynolds Nelson will talk about using Word files and digital folders to manage document workflow for large research projects. Topics will include the flow-documents, place-keepers, and writing-diaries that help a writer maintain focus. He will also discuss using machine-learning tools to improve scholarly serendipity. Sites and applications discussed (but not endorsed) will include Finereaderonline, Tesseract, Zotero, Google Scholar, Amazon,, and Mendeley.

Nelson has written four prize-winning books including Steel-Driving Man and Nation of Deadbeats

Friday October 19th from 4-5


Brand Yourself: Creating a Professional Digital Presence

Join Joey Stanley, Linguistics PhD candidate, for a workshop on presenting yourself as a scholar in a digital world. Topics will include building a professional website, using social media to its best advantage, and joining the digital conversation.

Friday September 28th 1-2