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Dig into DIGI

DIGI is the Digital Humanities initiative of the Willson Center, the UGA Libraries and the UGA Press supporting DH projects and pedagogy at UGA

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Welcome to DigiLab

Located on the third floor of the Main Library, Willson Center Digital Humanities Lab is a state-of-the-art instruction space as well as an incubator and publicity hub for ongoing and nationally significant digital humanities projects

Your Gateway into the Digital Humanities Universe


Data Office Hours

Whether just starting your work, or trying to make sense of your research, schedule an appointment for our Data Office Hours and bring your data for advice and guidance on your project. Expertise in corpus linguistics, Excel, and R, among other tools for data structuring and visualization.

Tuesdays 4:00-5:00, Wednesdays 2:00-3:00

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Digi Colloquium – Digital Archive of Texas English Speech (Jan. 22)

As part of our series of Digital Humanities talks and workshops, join us for an analysis of phonological phenomena with Lars Hinrichs (University of Texas) and Axel Bohmann (University of Freiburg) as they present “The Promise of Nine Decades’ Worth of Interviews: Building the Digital Archive of Texas English Speech.” In this talk, they will discuss the creation of a legacy archive containing recordings from 1934 to 2020, and how it can be used to map linguistic changes in Texas English over time.

January 22, 4:00 pm

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Text Analysis Workshops

This series of workshops, led by Katie Kuiper, provide introductory lessons on how to analyze large-scale textual data. These sessions are open to all and are intended for beginners (no experience necessary!). Attend an intro session, then choose the others that best fit your research agenda.

Feb. 4th: Intro to text analysis resources
Feb. 11th: Intro to text analysis with Jupyter Notebooks and Python
Feb. 18th: Intro to R for text analysis
Feb. 25th: Advanced R for text analysis

All sessions are held at 4:00 pm.

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