Brand Yourself: Taking Control of Your Digital Narrative


The Brand Yourself workshop was a huge success. We really hope you were able to make it. If you were not able, no need to worry- we are here to help! A detailed run down of everything the Brand Yourself Workshop covered can be found on Joey Stanley’s website.

Joey Stanley’s top three tips for creating your professional digital presence are using social media to build an online profile, building your own webpage, and joining your field’s conversation.
Joey discussed Academia.eduResearchGateGoogleScholarLinkedIn,  ImpactStory, and  Mendeley  for creating online profiles. Joey strongly emphasized sharing your work is one of the most crucial steps in creating a professional digital presence. He offered a solution to keeping up with numerous different profiles. He advised to only stay current on one profile and direct all traffic from your other profiles to the one current profile.
To organize all your created profiles, Joey advised to bring them together by building a personal website. On this, the numerous profiles become one solid profile. Joey offered Word Press, Wix, and Square Space as platforms for creating your webpage. He also mentioned Github or building from scratch for more experienced webpage builders.
Joey’s final step in creating a digital presence is to find your field’s conversation. He offered listservs, coffee breaks, Twitter, and Slack as possible mediums for where conversations may occur. To find your conversation, Joey gives 2 crucial steps: 1) find where your industry is talking 2) Join their conversation.
Joey Stanley’s notes from his workshop can be found on his website.  We hope you enjoyed the presentation and found it useful!