ChatGPT Forum

Pictured from left to right: Dr. Shannon Quinn (Associate Professor in the Computer Science and Cellular Biology Departments), Dr. Kimberly Van Orman (instructor with the Institute for Artificial Intelligence), Dr. William A. Kretzschmar, Jr. (Willson Professor in Humanities in the Department of English), Dr. Jeremy Davis (Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy), Dr. Steve Malliaris (Assistant Professor in the Department of Finance), and Suhan Kacholia (second-year Foundation Fellow studying Cognitive Science, AI, and Economics)

On Wednesday, March 1, a panel of professors and students spoke to an audience of UGA faculty and students on the role and effects of ChatGPT in academia. This panel, moderated by Dr. Katie Ireland, was hosted by the Digital Humanities Lab in collaboration with the AI Institute, The Center for Teaching and Learning, The Office of Instruction, the Department of Philosophy, and the Honors College.  Speakers each addressed the question “How is ChatGPT impacting your teaching, research, and the University more broadly?”, providing different perspectives on how artificial intelligence chatboxes can be used as a research tool, the challenges that they pose for instructors, the limitations of large language models, and the ethical considerations that they raise.